A Tour of the Nordic Countries – Conflict Resolution, Knots and Artwork

Nordic tour 2014 is an investigation of the family field in the Nordic countries. The goal is to inspire the societies to a zero-tolerance for violence approach with a sex and gender awareness and with a recognition and respect for the important role of the reproductive aspects.

At planned symposiums, meetings and through digital contact, knowledge was shared and experiences gathered. Furthermore, Nordic Tour 2014 helped provide inspiration for further action.

Here are glimpses from the atmosphere and reports from the 5 different Nordic countries that the tour visited in the period 9th-19th of September 2014.

Read more about the background for the tour here and read the press releases here.

Initiator and moderator
: Pia Deleuran, Denmark – Attorney and mediator

Speaker: Dale Bagshaw, Australia – Adjunct Associate Professor at University of South Australia

Artist: Sisse Jarner, Denmark – Photographer. Produced the collages for the tour.

A lot of formidable hosts, organisations, speakers, artists and interlocutors particpated, both in the events and in the planning before, during and after the Nordic Tour.

Thanks to the Dreyer Foundation for supporting The Nordic Tour and to LOKK for support