DVD: “I said I had a bad dream”


”I said I had a bad dream”
– An animated documentary

Thousands of children in all countries grow up with their fathers beating and threatening their mothers. In Sweden around 200.000 children have this experience. This is an estimate by Statistics Sweden, but nobody knows the real figures as there is a large number of unrecorded cases.

In this film we meet five children, aged between three and a half and eight, who have all witnessed their mothers being beaten. Through stories and drawings, these children share their experiences and emotions. Conversations with the children are authentic and were recorded at a women’s shelter in Stockholm.

The film (19 minutes) is available with subtitles in English, Arabic, Somali, Persian, Turkish, Kurmanji and Tigrinya.

Ordering: SKR – The Swedish Association of Women’s Shelters

A film by Annika Ernst
Illustrator Robert Nyberg
Animator David Rylander
Editor Helene Berlin
Composer Philippe Boix-Vives
Producer Annika Ernst