DVD: “In the Child’s Best Interests”


In the Child’s Best Interests

The legal processing of custody cases in which domestic violence and abuse are key issues.

Domestic violence and allegations of abuse pose challenges in cases concerning Child Welfare.

This concerns violence and abuse suffered by children as well as domestic violence between the children’s parents or care givers which affects these children. Domestic violence and abuse can be difficult to determine. Equally it is hard to assess the influence these issues should have on a given case.

The target groups for this film are judges, solicitors and psychologists who act as expert witnesses. The purpose of the film is to supply relevant psychological expertise and to contribute to an increased understanding of what constitutes good practice between the involved parties, it is underpinned throughout by the cases’ focus always being to meet the child’s best interests.

Consultants in the film are clinical psychologists Stig Torsteinson and Judith van der Weele.
Accompanying the film is a leaflet with advice for the practical processing of cases concerning child welfare where domestic violence and abuse are at issue.

Length: 36 min
Norwegian National Court Administration
Sheriff 2012