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Press release sent to Ritzau.dk at the beginning of the Tour

Conflict Resolution, Knots and Artwork in the Nordic Countries.

Nordic Tour 2014 starts this evening at a meeting in Denmark. The three activists and professionals travel the Nordic Countries during the next 10 days.

It is:

Professor and researcher Dr. Dale Bagshaw, Australia

Attorney and mediator Pia Deleuran, Denmark

Photographer Sisse Jarner, Denmark

They say: “We are following up on the Nordic Forum, Malmø, Sweden in the summer 2014 where the head of UN Women – the relatively new Womens’ section for equality and empowerment for women, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said:

‘The Nordic countries have to eliminate violence against women and prove to the rest of the world that this can be done.’”

She is backed up by the head of the Nordic section, Asger Ryhl.

The group behind the Nordic tour initiative is Barnets Tarv NU that has advocated for a new Act concerning custody, residence and visitation in Denmark.

They want to gather experiences in the Nordic countries to see if the UN’s ambition in this field can be accomplished.

Denmark was severely criticized in an EU fact-finding paper this year.

Now when the Istanbul convention – the Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence – has entered into force from the 1st of August, the Danish state has to take action.

The Bar and Law Society has stated that they have no resources to look into the matter for the time being.

For more information please contact Pia Deleuran
0045 30246803.

The Istanbul Convention – a new tool for combatting violence!

Istanbul Konventionen

The Istanbul Convention have now entered into force. Below is the organisation WAVE‘s press release regarding the convention.

“The Istanbul Convention enters into force on 1 August 2014. This is an important milestone in the history of the Women’s Movement and much remains to be done to improve the situation of women survivors of violence and their children.

On the 1st of August 2014, the Istanbul Convention will come into force. For Women against Violence Europe (WAVE) and all of our Focal Points and Partners, the upcoming event is a tremendous accomplishment in the history of the Women’s Movement. The Istanbul Convention is the first ever truly comprehensive instrument at the European level which addresses violence against women. As of beginning of July 2014, 13 countries have already ratified the Convention, and 25 have signed it. The Convention’s coming into force is an important step, and strong implementation and commitment of member states is needed to effectively work towards preventing and combating violence against women and their children.

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