Location no. 5 –  Reykjavik 17.09.2014

Nordens Hus

billedfrise island



Welcome address by attorney and mediator Pia Deleuran

Presentation of pictures by photographer Sisse Jarner

Talk on the handling of family cases with issues of violence and abuse in Australia by Adjunct Associate professor Dale Bagshaw, AU

The film ”I said I had a bad dream”
– a drawn documentary by producer Annika Ernst

Debate and experience collection
Collecting knowledge and ideas for building up a new structure in the family field based on zero tolerance for violence. Right now a revision of the family law is being considered in Iceland. It was discussed how the current system works and what role the professional experts play. The current system in custody cases that go to court in Iceland is that several child experts assist with the processing of the case. This was found to be a satisfactory system.