Location no. 3 –  Lund 12.09.2014

Lund University, Sociology of Law Department via contact with Professor Håkan Hyden

billedfrise sverige

In Lund the Tour group met up with researchers from the Sociology of Law Department to discuss the themes of the tour.

Amongst other things, the chosen collages were installed and presented.

Unizon (formerly known as Sveriges Kvinno- och Tjejjourers Riksförbund, SKR), the umbrella organisation for different organisations including more than 120 women’s shelters that work for an equal society free of violence, states in connection with Nordic Tour 2014:

“Unizon believes that

– Someone who murders their (ex)partner should automatically lose the custody of any common children they might have

– Children’s rights to grow up without violence must weigh heavier than the perpetrator of violence’s wish to have visitation

Unizon welcomes the fact that it is now sufficient to have the approval of one out of two legal guardians in order to offer the children support- and protection activities.

However, it is a problem that mothers and children always have to be on standby when the fathers want to do something at a planned visitation, and the mother can be penalized if she and the child are not available, while the father can choose to not show up without any consequences at all.

See more about the legislation regarding custody, residence and visitation on our website”.


Unizon have also contributed to Nordic Tour 2014 with the movie: ”I said I had a bad dream” – a drawn documentary about children’s experience of violence.

This is the introduction for the film:

“Thousands of children in all countries grow up with their fathers beating and threatening their mothers. In Sweden around 200.000 children have this experience. This is an estimate by Statistics Sweden, but nobody knows the real figures as there is a large number of unrecorded cases.
In this film we meet five children, aged between three and a half and eight, who have all witnessed their mothers being beaten. Through stories and drawings, these children share their experiences and emotions.”

The film is available with subtitles and a leaflet in a number of different languages.

In Sweden, like in Norway, the press has focused on women who were murdered by their partners and ex-partners.